Although technically not one of the Josh Thurlow novel series, Homer Hickam’s first book, Torpedo Junction, is a companion-piece for The Keeper’s Son. A non-fiction work that took Homer over a decade to research, Torpedo Junction was published in 1989 by the Naval Institute, the top publisher of military and historical books. It has been published in hardcover, 2 paperback editions (3 covers), and a trade paperback. 

This very real back-story is the basis for my novel The Keeper’s Son. I hope you will enjoy reading this book also!

Book Reviews

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A solid history of the action in the first six months of WWII off the East Coast of the US–a period during which fewer than a dozen U- boats sank more Allied tonnage there than the entire Japanese navy had claimed in the Pacific.
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Periodical Reviews
“The best account to date of America’s early war against the U-Boat.”
     – The Journal of Military History 

“Homer Hickam is a gifted storyteller…the reader is transported back to those crucial battles at sea to live and die with those seamen.”
     – The Times-Herald (Newport News, Va.) 

“A dramatic end detailed account.”
     – West Coast Review of Boo Reader Review rating: 5 stars out of five